The African continent has been bedeviled by violent conflicts and wars since most countries obtained their independence. Such conflicts and wars brought in their wake large-scale destruction, involuntary movement of people, and acute security problems for neighbours. The persistent nature of these violent conflicts and wars has taxed the efforts of the international community to resolve them over the years. Consequently, considerable amount of resources have been expended on mediation and peace-keeping in order to manage and resolve these conflagrations.

On the African continent, Nigeria has played a leading role in all efforts that were ever undertaken to bring peace to these parts of Africa. Whatever the measures of success recorded by the existing methods of conflict resolution, it is clear that new and more effective ways of managing and resolving conflicts and peace building have to be thought out and developed. This is more pertinent today in view of the growing tendency by the international community to ignore African conflicts. Yet Africa cannot afford to be left behind the rest of the world in the 21st Century. To avoid such situation, conflicts must be better managed and resolved, and wars prevented, so that Africa can pursue development in a peaceful atmosphere.

AFRICA PEACE REVIEW is the contribution of the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies towards achieving this goal. AFRICA PEACE REVIEW is published in English, by the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defence College, Nigeria. The journal is designed to serve as an open forum for presenting and stimulating innovative thinking on the sources of conflicts, conflict monitoring, conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peace-making, peace-keeping, peace-enforcement, peace-building and capacity building. It is also intended as a market place of ideas on the principles and strategies for achieving comprehensive and sustainable peace-keeping operations and to the wider challenge of maintaining global peace and security.

The views and opinions expressed or implied in any contributions to the AFRICA PEACE REVIEW however are those of the authors of such contributions and should not be construed as carrying the official sanction either of the Centre or the National Defence College Nigeria.

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