Nigeria in International Peace Operations Resources, personnel and lives

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Abdulkadir Adamu
Emmanuel Osewe Akubor


Nigeria has a long history of military intervention in conflict areas of the world. Such interventions involved the commitment of huge human and material resources often without any direct benefits to the country. Apart from losing men in such conflict areas, she sometimes receives hostility and hatred from those she had assisted. This is reflected in the mass deportation of Nigerians from some of these countries, attacks on Nigerian property and embassies, clamp down on economic interests and investments of Nigerians, and targeting of Nigerians for elimination, among others. This necessitates a critical evaluation of the contributions of Nigeria to international military operations and how it has been able to achieve this especially in terms of human and material resources. The qualitative method is used for this particular research as Data obtained from primary and secondary sources were deployed to carry out the study with an analytical and narrative historical approach. The primary source of data is based on field investigations conducted in the area and surrounding territories. Data collection was conducted through semi-structured interviews. Historical documents from libraries, previous research conducted on military operations and engagements were employed. Documentary data taken from newspaper accounts and verbal reports were consulted.  Findings indicate that while Nigeria’s  military interventions may be considered as necessary, there is however, the need to always have a scale to balance her expenditure (human and material resources) vis-a-vis the gain ( such as mutual military exchange and programs) at the end of these exercises.

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Author Biographies

Abdulkadir Adamu, Ahmadu Bello University

He was Director, Centre for Historical Research, (Arewa House), Kaduna.

Emmanuel Osewe Akubor, Ahmadu Bello University

He holds Doctorate Degree in history, from the Department of History, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. His specialization is Economic History