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Waris O. Alli


In the past two decades Africa has been overwhelmed by an ever growing spate ofthreats to individual, group and national peace and security. Unlike in the past, these threats emanate largely from within states and result from governance failures in critical areas of national life, lack of justice and fairness and the impoverishment of the people by a greedy and selfish leadership. Accordingly, the greatest threats to peace and security are now more from within states than from without. However, despite this fact, confirmed by scholars and even the United Nations, the dominant perspective on peace and security, which inform the design of security policy and architecture, has continued to be defmed by the traditional
state-centric perspective, whose threat perception is built. on factors from outside the state. This paper is an attempt
to draw attention to the need to review security policy and architecture in line with established facts and
recommends as a first step, that the inadequacies in governance which are now the major sources of threats
to peace and security, particularly in Africa, be urgently addressed.

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